Production in Grafschaft


The fully automatic steam autoclaves from MK Technology are offered in four different standard sizes – customized solutions are also available.

Depending on the design and power input the nonrecurring warm-up time takes only 30 minutes and the pressure balance is less than 3 seconds.

The fast pressure build-up with 170 degrees hot steam allows a very gentle dewaxing of the shell - before the wax starts to expand the surface is melting.

Thanks to the PLC control - together with the touchscreen and click-wheel - the operation of the machine is quite simple and widely automated. A mould trolley together with a sledge enables the easy charge of the autoclave and a safe mould handling. For the installation the following is required: 

  • 400V power supply
  • compressed air supply
  • in and out going waterline
  • exhaust pipe to guide the vapour pressure out of the room
    before the process ends