Company Presentation

This portrait of the MK Technology was shown in Mainz at the ceremony of "Success of Innovation Award 2010". Company founder graduate engineer Michael Kügelgen shows the production and presents the award-winning "Autoclave Next Generation".


This video shows how the Cyclone high-speed drying process drastically reduces the construction time of a ceramic shell. The whole investment casting process is shown with a cylinder head cover as an example, starting with the master model, followed by the silicone mould, wax cast, ceramic shell, de-melting and burning and finally the cast metal part.

The film shows how the high-speed drying works for individual applications as well as for the serial production. Shells for the casting of medical joint implants and the corresponding surgery tools are being produced.


The video shows, how the sand is distributed through the sieves.

The video shows a large slurry tank with rotating swords.

Training Video

The film explains in detail the whole process of vacuum casting, the preparation of the master model, production of the silicone mould and the casting of the final part. Besides the explanation of the process, it also shows practicable tips and tricks.

Product video

This video presents all MK vacuum chambers and their specific advantages. It also shows the MK production as well as the high quality standards, characteristic to MK.

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