Manufacture in Grafschaft

Modern investment casting processes are based on so-called steam autoclaves in order to remove the wax quickly and gently. Only the highly energized saturated steam with a temperature of 178°C guarantees the melting of the wax at the surface before it can expand and damage the mould.

When designing the MK autoclaves, highest priority was therefore set on a quick and regular steam injection – the pressure of 8 bar is reached within 3 to 4 seconds, depending on the size of the autoclave.

A clear separation of wax and condensed water with drainage into closed collecting systems is part of the equipment as well as an automatic positioning aid for the mould trolley.

The systems are manufactured in accordance with the respective guidelines of the country of destination or ASME standards, they are certified by TÜV and have a pressurized door with 4-fold protection. Control is intuitive and simple and is carried out via touch screen.

Since autoclaves are electrically heated and consume quite a lot of energy, MK systems can optionally be equipped with an energy recovery system, which saves up to 30% of the electricity costs. This makes the process very stable and reduces the cycle times.


For the installation you need:

  • 400V high voltage current  
  • compressed air supply
  • water supply and drainage
  • Exhaust air duct to allow the steam pressure to escape from the room before the process ends.