Company Presentation

This portrait of MK Technology GmbH was shown on the occasion of the “Success Innovation Award 2010” in Mainz. The founder of the company, Michael Kügelgen (grad. engineer) leads you through the production and explains the award-winning “autoclave next generation”.


This video shows how the Cyclone high-speed drying process drastically reduces the time for ceramic shell building. It also shows the quite complex investment casting process on the example of a cylinder head cover. Starting with the original model, we follow the way to the silicone mould, the wax casting and the ceramic shell, melting out, and burning to the final cast.

Drying Tunnel

The video shows how the high-speed drying technique works in individual applications an in the series production. We manufacture mould shells for the cast of medical joint implants and the associated operation tools.

Rainfall Sander

The video shows how the sand distributes through the use of a sieve during the operation. By adding the vibration unit, the distribution is still optimized.

Slurry Tanks

The video shows a big slurry barrel with the rotating blades.
By adding a contrast liquid, the mixing can be easily observed. The “Sinus Speed” also supports this process decisively.

Vacuum Casting

This video clearly shows the overall process of vacuum casting: From the preparation of the original model over the manufacture of the silicone mould up to the production of parts. Besides of the actual procedure, it also gives practical hints and tricks.

Vacuum Casting Systems

This video shows all MK vacuum casting chambers and explains the specific advantages. It also shows the MK production as well as the high quality standards, which are typical of MK.