Mittwoch, 18.05.2016

Scuderia Colonia visited MK Technology for the third time

Once again, Scuderia Colonia visited MK Technology on the occasion of their annual Whitsun Rally. The Drivers Association, that was founded by Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips, the first German Formula One Star, is a community of interest of racing enthusiasts, who organizes rallies regularly and also promotes young talents.

In addition to the almost obligatory Paella, which was served to recover, two special tests were carried out on the company site. The starting field consisting of 60 vehicles was again made up by top-class cars, among others a Gull Wing Mercedes, several Jaguar and MG racing cars were represented as well as the very rare Lancia Aprilia Barchetta from the 50ies. Besides of the usual "petrol talks" and shoptalks, there was a company tour, and all participants agreed: Next year, we will make another stopover at MK Technology on the occasion of: Rally around the Nürburg.