Freitag, 09.06.2017

Investment Casting by MK – an Alternative to Oil

All fossil fuels in the world are finite. Besides this simple realization, the permanent low price of oil might be the main motivation for most of the oil producing countries in the Gulf region to rethink and herald a new era. ARAMCO, the biggest and most expensive group in the world, is expected to go public, and a major part of the proceeds shall be invested in high technology and training.

Since investment casting is part of the wish list of those countries still exporting oil, MK Technology was commissioned to deliver a first complete system and put it into operation. After the "spare parts on demand" they are also planning to invest more in the production of turbine blades for flying devices and IGT.

After the successful installation of the system, the first turbine blades were cast - a premiere in this region. The next big investment casting projects are already being planned.