Montag, 23.03.2020

MK is building the largest steam autoclave in the world

MK Technology is currently developing and building the probably largest steam autoclave in the world for a US investment casting company owned by billionaire Warren Buffett. 3 meters inside diameter of the process chamber, 12 meters overall height and 65 tons empty weight are the impressive basic data of the monster machine. Since it no longer fits in the production hall, a provisional huge hall was built around the machine so that we are able to work in the next few weeks regardless of the weather. The system has lifting doors on both sides of the boiler to enable a continuous flow. An actively driven roller conveyor is responsible for the transport of the trolleys weighing up to 10 tons, and components can be mounted and exchanged for maintenance later on by using an integrated crane.

The first test runs will take place in spring 2020 and then it will be dismantled again and shipped halfway around the world with special containers and special transport. As soon as the system has been installed at the customer's facility, shell moulds for huge turbine blades will be dewaxed at the site.