Dienstag, 27.09.2011

Merry MK-company excursion – in a different way

Others go down the drain, MK Technology is looking for new ways – this applies to the mechanical engineering as well as to the staff outing

This year, the Managing Director, who is a self-confessed classic car fan, organized a trip with several „amphicars“ together with some friends. These amphibious vehicles, which were produced in the early sixties, are suitable for both the road and the water.

With four amphicars they started from Grafschaft and took the motorway to Bonn, where the metamorphosis took place at the banks of the Rhine river: The cars turned into boats, which proved to be surprisingly seaworthy between the “thick pots”. Two propellers provide for the propulsion, steering is done with the front wheels, as on the road.

And to make sure that the fun factor was not neglected besides all this nostalgic high tech, the vehicles were equipped with water pistols. So after about 15 Rhine kilometres, the wet spectacle ended South of Cologne. After the great water battle, the participants let their cloths dry in a boat house at the Rhine river an brought the wonderful day to a close.