Freitag, 04.05.2012

MK Technology delivers the biggest investment casting line

So far, a tree with a weight of one ton and one and a half meters in diameter set standards at MK Technology – this is the maximum size possible – so we thought.
However, for a Canadian investment foundry, the whole thing had to be enlarged by about 20%, because the customer manufactures huge clusters.

Filled with zircon, the slurry tanks almost reach the 20 tons mark. Therefore, our system with the rotating double blade seemed to be appropriate in this case, as well: Instead of rotating 20 tons continuously, only a few hundred kilograms have to be moved. This means a significant advantage with regard to the service life of the bearing, as well as the improved cooling of the barrel and the perfect mixing of the slurry, thanks to the “sinus speed”.

In spite of their enormous size, the slurry tanks just fitted into a 40-feet high-cube container – the new sanders with a drum diameter of about 2,500 mm and a depth of about 2,000 mm were too large. Therefore, special saltwater-proof overseas boxes had to be built, which were loaded on a so-called flatrack bed-container

And again we hear: This is the maximum size possible – we will see.