Montag, 06.08.2012

MK Technology is going to be 15

According to the current statistics, 85% of newly founded companies do not reach their 5th anniversary and the average duration of a company is not more than 15 years; in 1975 entrepreneurs could at least expect a life span of about 30 years and of even 90 years in 1935.

Fortunately the founder of MK Technology was not aware of these gloomy figures when he built his first customs-made machine exactly 15 years ago. At that time he still operated a little shop in the cellar of a private house in the West of Cologne.

Much has happened in the meantime: Almost 20 employees produce special machines for the whole world on an area of 2,600 square meters in Grafschaft near Bonn. Especially in the field of rapid prototyping and investment casting, the technology made by MK helps to reduce development and production times significantly and to improve the quality of products. The company holds three international parts; it got ten partly high-ranking innovation awards and the machines are being operated in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Three technology centres in Shanghai/China, in Portland/Oregon and at the company's headquarters in Grafschaft demonstrate the innovative technology. Other centres are planned. Ranging from vacuum in-line plants for the evacuation of medical test samples up to the world's largest investment casting system for the production of huge aircraft turbines, everything is projected and planned, constructed and produced at MK Technology, and mostly shipped overseas.

Obviously, the first 15 years have been managed successfully, and the prospects for the future of MK Technology are good, thanks to filled order books and new highly innovative developments. so let us be curious about the 15 years to come.