Mittwoch, 29.05.2013

Scuderia Colonia visited MK Technology

In 1960, no one less than the racing driver Graf Berghe von Trips together with a handful of like-minded people founded the Scuderia Colonia and organized many rallies and races, among others on the Nürburgring nearby, the so-called “green hell”. And it was him who brought the first kart from the USA to Germany and installed a small racing course at Kerpen. Without him, the German Formula One stars Schumacher, Heidfeld and Frentzen probably wouldn’t have been discovered. That was a long time ago and in 1961 Trips was killed in a spectacular and tragic accident in Monza, the Scuderia, however, continued to exist and by now, they still organize racing events.

At the occasion of the Pentecost rally this year, which led through the Eifel and over the North Loop of the Nürburgring, about 100 teams of Scuderia Colonia, who participated with vehicles of the 40ies to 70ies, made a pit stop at MK Technology. Apart from three ability competitions, which had to be performed on-site, the participants had the chance to make a company tour and to inform themselves about the latest developments. In (exceptionally) brilliant sunshine and real racing atmosphere, there were many lively discussions, and everyone agreed: The Pentecost rally in 2014 will pass by MK Technology again.