Mittwoch, 24.07.2013

MK Technology receives major order from Russia

In the 1970s and 1980s the former USSR was renowned as a perfect “forge” for powerful and reliable airplane and rocket engines. Their flight demonstrations at the international air shows in Paris and Farnborough were legendary and the upgraded MiG 29 and Su 35 caused incredulous amazement among the spectators and made their Western competitors turn green with envy while “riding on their jet steam”.

That was a long time ago, more than a quarter of a century, and the Soviet Union has ceased to exist. Not much is left of the proud and mighty and very successful aviation industry and people are dreaming of the splendour of the past. That must change, decided the Russian President Putin, and he initiated a program with the help of which the country shall recapture its supremacy in many key technologies, especially in the aerospace sector.

Engine technology is mainly based on investment casting technology and therefore the most innovative systems in this field were searched for in the market - and were found at MK Technology.

Complete lines for the production of huge moulds including the necessary rapid drying systems were part of their wish list as well as automatic slurry control and autoclaves. Also the latest development of MK Technology was included in the order: A new coating machine for the automated and economic production of ceramic moulds of yttrium oxide for complex titanium castings.

All systems and components shall be delivered and put into service mid of 2014 - another major challenge for the company based in Grafschaft.