Freitag, 23.05.2014

Ulrich Wegener, retired General and „Hero of Mogadishu“, visited MK Technology

The spectacular arrival by helicopter of a very special guest, General (ret.) Ulrich Wegener, the former commander of the legendary GSG 9 and the “hero of Mogadishu”, could be observed at MK Technology on Friday, 23rd of May 2014. Together with this special unit, founded by him, Wegener had released the Lufthansa aircraft “Landshut” after the hijacking by terrorists in 1977.

Beside of the whole crew of MK Technology, many business partners, politicians and friends took up the invitation to the event “Contemporary Witnesses”. One guest of honour even travelled all way from Bavaria in order to join the event, the longstanding friend of MK, Katja Ebstein.

After Wegener had landed, the afternoon started with a thrilling documentation of the incidents in the autumn of 77. Then the 85 year old speaker gave an impressing lecture without any manuscript where he did not only respond to the hours in Mogadishu, but also to the current threat by terrorism. Unlike other lectures, this one was followed by a real flood of questions which ended with a long and enthusiastic applause for Wegener and everybody agreed: A remarkable man.