Freitag, 10.12.1999

First Innovation Prize 1999

DM 50.000,00 for the team of MK Technology

Nearly 100 guests attended the presentation for the winners of the innovation prize of DM 50.000,00 awarded by the Volksbank Bonn – Rhein-Sieg. This prize was offered to successful innovators in the area of Bonn for the first time. A panel of nine judges under the direction of Prof. Dr. Klaus Borchard, had chosen the best innovator from among 50 applicants.

Peer Steinbrück, Minister for Economy and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Technology and Transport of NRW, nowadays the German Minister of Finance, also joined the ceremony. The main prize was awarded to Michael Kügelgen and his MK team by Mr. Rudolf Müller, Member of the Board of Volksbank Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. With this prize, which will now be awarded every two years, the Volksbank wants to support the structural change and to take responsibility for the development in Bonn”.