Dienstag, 10.12.2002

Innovation Prize 2002 – Trägerverein Zenit

MK Technology was awarded a prize by the Trägerverein Zenit, situated in Mülheim, for a new technology for the production of prototypes.

Nowadays, it is no longer a work of art to make a functioning prototype, based on a master model within one day. The technology of vacuum casting using a silicone mould had already been developed in the sixties but due to the increasing demands on the prototypes, the conventional vacuum casting technology reached its limits.

MK Technology GmbH, situated in Bonn, overcame these limits with the development of the differential pressure system, which it patented in 2002. For this development they were awarded a prize by the jury of the Trägerverein Zenit e.V.

This innovation prize supports innovative ideas that demonstrate the great potential in Germany in the field of science, research and inventions. 63 enterprises applied for the prize, five of them reached the final.”