The new technology from the point of view of experts …

With the new high-speed drying, we do not only reduce our development and production times drastically, we can also produce at lower costs.

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Jedamski
Head of ceramic mould production
Doncasters, Bochum

For the first time the new drying procedure enables us to reduce the production times of ceramic moulds significantly. It is not an exaggeration to talk about a quantum leap.

Dr. Jörn Großmann
Managing Director
Buderus Feinguss, Moers

With the aid of the high-speed drying we have beaten all records. The result surpasses all our expectations. Even most complicated structures can be produced perfectly – there is no measurable difference to our previous slow technology.

Hans-Walter Katz
Plant Manager
Aluminiumfeinguss Soest, Soest

Since the end of 2004 we have been working with the new technology and we know that it works. We not only produce much faster, but we are also more cost-effective than our competitors in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Peter Freitag
Managing Director
Freitag Prototypen, Hildesheim

The technique of high-velocity drying, which was originally developed for prototyping, has an enormous potential. We recommend the application in serial investment casting.

Bernhard Milde
Plant Manager, Investment Casting
Dörrenberg Edelstahl, Engelskirchen


This development means a revolution for investment casting. It is so important that it will be used in all major investment foundries within the next five years.

Klaus Didschies
Managing Director
WEX Chemicals, Greenford UK