Differential Pressure System

The advantages of the differential pressure system

If required, MK equips all chambers from System 1 upwards with the so-called Differential Pressure System.

Compared to pure gravity casting, this process has the following advantages:

  • Even very sophisticated, complex, very long and thin moulds can be filled perfectly.
  • High-viscosity resins as well as fibre-filled resins can be processed without problems.
  • Resins with a very short pot life (up to 2 min.) can be easily cast,
  • The sprue can be much smaller, which reduces the time for rework.

Maximum pressure difference: 100 mbar
Development of pressure difference: 10 - 60 sec.
Neutralization of pressure difference: > 1 sec.
Filling time compared to gravitation casting: 1/3

If a vacuum machine is equipped with the differential pressure system, the upper chamber containing the casting and mixing unit is separated from the lower mould chamber by a steel rib. The casting funnel passes through this rib.
When the differential pressure system is switched on the upper chamber is flooded to a pre-selected differential pressure up to 100 mbar. As there is still almost a complete vacuum in the lower chamber, the resin is pressed into the mould, accelerated by the differential pressure system.