System 2

In this chamber, which is basically structured like System 1, components can be manufactured which are twice as large. The whole cup unit can be pulled out for easy charging, mixing and tilting speed are infinitely variable.

If System 2 is not big enough, there is the chamber 2-XL, an extended version with the three-fold chamber volume of System 2 for a maximum part length of 2 meters.


MK System II - The best compromise

Maximum casting weight:
6,000 g

Maximum mould size:
850 x 870 x 800 mm

  • same installation and operation as System I
  • extractable mixing unit


  • Extension module for large parts
  • Integrated modem for software update and remote maintenance
  • differential pressure

Extractable mixing unit

with transparent and reusable cups and funnels

Cup A 2,300 ml - cup B 6,000 ml


Here you will find the appropriate ovens.

Differential Pressure System

If required, MK equips all chambers from System 1 upwards with the so-called Differential Pressure System.

MK Tool Set