System 2 XL

MK System II XL – the good allrounder

Maximum casting weight:
6,000 g

Maximum mould size:
2,080 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm

  • Differential pressure system as standard equipment
  • Side door for big parts
  • Roller conveyor as standard equipment
  • Separate pre-evacuation chamber

Extractable mixing unit

  • with transparent and reusable cups and funnels
  • Volume: Cup A 2,300 ml - cup B 6,000 ml
  • Pressure frame for gravitation cast, removable
  • infinitely variable mould lift with reverse roller
  • Roller conveyor as standard equipment


Here you will find the appropriate ovens.

Differential Pressure System

If required, MK equips all chambers from System 1 upwards with the so-called Differential Pressure System.

Roller Conveyor

We recommend the application of the roller conveyor for the transport of medium-sized and large moulds, as weight can be up to several hundred kilos.

MK Tool Set