System 1

With a casting weight of more than 1 kg, System 1 is perfect for most of the classical rapid tooling applications. It can additionally be equipped with a heating cup to manufacture wax cores for metal investment casting.

Maximum casting weight:
1,400 g

Maximum mould size:
450 x 470 x 400 mm

  • perfect operability
  • GoTo – and saw tooth function
  • 24 storoage spaces
  • Optional: differential pressure system


Mixing unit

with transparent and reusable cups and funnels

cup A 700 ml - cup B 1,400 ml


Here you will find the appropriate ovens.

Differential Pressure System

If required, MK equips all chambers from System 1 upwards with the so-called Differential Pressure System.

Heating Cup

The practical value of the vacuum chamber can be increased tremendously by applying the heating cup.

Turning Table

With the aid of the turning table, several moulds can be filled during the evacuation process.

MK Tool Set